Our Story

For twenty years, Sue Kuselias and Jodee Webb, sister-in-laws and long time Hamden residents, have been conjuring up the store of their dreams. They knew it had to be beautiful, charming, affordable and a place they would want to hang out. They seriously considered opening a store way back when but then they quickly remembered that they had a combined total of 6 small kiddies between the two of them, so it probably wasn’t the most opportune time. They took this dream and placed it on a shelf and went back to raising their children. It was actually during this time that they really honed in on their decorating, entertaining and design talents. They designed and decorated their houses and helped many of their friends and family members with theirs as well. They hosted scores of parties, opened their doors to countless guests and started experimenting with the mixing of new and old pieces in their own homes. When guests entered their homes or attended their parties, they would most readily share that they loved their sense of style and many asked how they could bring this into their own homes. Mixing several styles and old with new seemed to create a timeless, charming and very welcoming home. Jodee even opened her home several years ago to provide inspiration for the Hamden Chamber of Commerce Holiday House Tour.

Fast forward twenty years, and Sue was driving along Whitney Avenue, and spotted a For Sale sign placed in front of the KARMA Consignment building… the beautiful pink iconic landmark of a building was up for sale! She quickly called Jodee, shared the news and they both realized that this was the time to set their dream into motion… it was now or never… the children were starting to head to college and the stars seemed to be aligning just right to start their exciting (and scary) journey ahead.

They began working around the clock to create a one-of-a-kind store to share with their guests, one that they hope their customers will fall in love with… a welcoming, charm-filled, beautiful and affordable store! Modern Thrift is essentially thrift redefined. Upon entering the store, you might think you are visiting a high end boutique, only to discover the high quality pieces they are offering are surprisingly affordable! Their store is offering vintage and new home decor, tabletop, gifts, a men’s section, a book nook and a few tasty drinks and nibbles (prepared by Bread and Chocolate and The Cheshire Baking Company). Each and every item offered has been individually hand selected by either Sue or Jodee. They carefully run it through a mental checklist including 1. Is it in excellent condition? 2. Is it affordable? 3. Is it high quality and beautiful? and 4. Would they place this piece in their own home? If the answer to all these is yes, the piece is welcomed into their shoppe!

Today they believe we are in a day and age where MODERN is in the reuse and repurpose of the many gorgeous pieces from decades past and present. They have scoured estate sales, yard sales, thrift stores, flea markets (both in and out of state) and anywhere else a timeless treasure might turn up. They then set in on bringing these finds up to date. Vintage lamps are rewired with a modern cloth cord and then reshaded, artwork is reframed, beautiful linens are sewn into pillows, silver is shined and tableware is coordinated. They then mingle all these special pieces together and add a little modern flair. Each season they will also add in some new natural elements to bolster the look. They have spent the last 20 years experimenting, fine tuning and perfecting the art of this modern thrift lifestyle. They know that adding in layers of Modern Thrift pieces will create an inviting and relaxed atmosphere where people will love to spend their time. They welcome you to the  MODERN THRIFT site and invite you to check back often as photos and videos will be added regularly to inspire you to create your one of a kind sanctuary of a home! And better yet, they invite you to come visit them and their shoppe, and to see their dream of 20 years come to life!